Have you ever dealt with a bad ebayer? Wrong goods dispatched? No goods dispatched? Hiding behind fragmented English? Intimidating? Confusing? Inform us.

Some ebayers are risky prospects. The ratings system on ebay works well for small numbers, but a seller shifting a lot of goods can afford to annoy a lot of people — it’s the percentage of happy customers that counts. If a seller has a ranking of 2, 000, you aren’t immediately aware of the negative feedback they have received. If they have actually sold 2, 020 items, and that extra 20 prompted negative feedback, they’ll still have a 99% satisfaction rate. But do you consider them to be that reliable?

The ebay feedback system logs neutral feedback, but does not take neutral feedback into account in the final scores displayed. In fact, if those 20 extra buyers had logged neutral feedback, the sellers score would still be 2, 000, but they would have a 100% feedback ratio. See part of the problem?

Some sellers intimidate users via services such as SquareTrade, and attempt to get any negative feedback withdrawn voluntarily by the buyer. This process defeats the purpose of the feedback system on ebay, and lends itself to dodgy dealers happy to sweet-talk an unhappy customer.

Some sellers take the piss. Out them here.